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Q2 Album Of The Week
On the Nature of Electricity & Acoustics is a somewhat disjunct thrill-ride of a listen. But that’s the point. Few listeners outside of Ireland’s academic or underground scenes will have heard this music, but as the compilation proves, it’s a rich and diverse world worth visiting.
Hannis Brown, Q2 MUSIC

… a pleasingly varied showcase… which combines the virtues of discipline and diversity. The music is for the most part (surprisingly?) euphonious… (and who wouldn’t want to hear a band called Princess Tinymeat?)…

mind-bending twists and turns… in the presence of (a) tradition whose indelible spirit penetrates through time, technologies and trends.
Wendalyn Bartley, theWHOLENOTE

… pieces dip and weave, refusing to be pinned down; the listener must come to the music, rather than the other way around.

A fascinating anthology… excellently curated by Daniel Figgis
BP Fallon

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