The Wire reviews A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland

Posted by Bea Cloke on Friday May 25, 2018 Under Album, Music

The WIRe

“Echoing the interests of Heresy’s founder… Eric Fraad, many of the contributors here are active across disciplinary borders… Nevertheless, Fraad is a tour guide with an agenda, and on his map most roads lead to Daniel Figgis… credited as composer, musician or producer on seven of these tracks…”

“…Timothy Cream’s Crown of Wines, with Vincent Doherty, (is) an 11 minute dream-waltz that brushes listeners’ faces with feathery mellotron, flute and owl hoots before spiriting their subconscious into more absurdist realms of lurching chords and half-heard speech.”

“…2003’s Avant Garde Your Grille sees Deep Burial’s George Brennan and Richard Howard rework Figgis’s recordings… all jutting edges and cloudy, churning surfaces.”


A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland & On The Nature Of Electricity & Acoustics CD Bundle

A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland is Heresy Records’ sequel to the album On the Nature of Electricity & Acoustics curated by Daniel Figgis and released in 2013 to international critical acclaim.

Both albums are currently available from the Heresy shop as a CD bundle.

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