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Posted by Bea Cloke on Friday May 1, 2020 Under Album, Composition, Music

Self Isolating Congregation

As the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic started to spread, leading eventually to an unprecedented global lockdown, Linear Obsessional asked musicians to send us up to three and a half minutes of them playing solo in isolation. When an extraordinary 85 tracks came in (and was released as >>>>Self Isolating Compilation<<<<, it was clear that the result was not only a testament to isolated creativity, but also an extraordinary resource. 85 pieces of music, building bricks, begging to be reassembled into new works.

Having assembled a cast of remixers I set about allocating 4 tracks each, using a random number generator to ensure no bias in the selections. Only one person (Peter Nagle) ended up getting themselves.

This album consists of twenty quartets and one trio.

The remixers have worked magic, pulling together disparate strands in startlingly original ways. All the original artists are represented and audible here, although sometimes you might have to listen hard for ghostly fragments!
Thanks to everybody who took part in this experiment…

Released May 1, 2020

Tracks allocated and compilation produced by Richard Sanderson for Linear Obsessional April 2020

The cover design is by Paula Garcia Stone

All the source music comes from >>>>>>Self Isolating Compilation<<<<<<

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