Catnapping 1992

Posted by Bea Cloke on Wednesday Nov 25, 2020 Under Composition, Music, Rock, Theatre

“…loving it… its joyful mood and earworm melody makes it sound like an outtake from (his) masterpiece Skipper. Similar to his recent ‘engine detail’, guitars of all varieties are central to the sound but… viola also makes a crucial appearance. The track has an ancient but timeless quality to it and only leaves me wanting more.

I like the idea of the track being made available on a shellac disc, it gives it an instant patina of age, makes it very collectable and goes against the grain of music being just a digital file. The shellac sound reminds me of a more extreme version of the layers of vinyl crackle found on music by The Caretaker but of course Daniel Figgis has mined this sound before in the mid 1980s.

Do you need a gramophone to play it I don’t know but you can see a video of just this happening. Recommended and more please.”

Abstract Analogue

Daniel Figgis Pristinus

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