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Typing Pool - Daniel Figgis

“… a hint of the wild and frightening… spectacular. The title track… doesn’t so much proceed as stampede… like the soundtrack to some deranged Bacchanalian rite… Beautifully rich, exquisite and individualistic, this Pool is definitely worth diving into.”

“… as epic and atmospheric as ever… demonstrating the intricacy and precision of his work… beautifully crafted… we are immediately immersed into a teeming pool of typists, transported… AWOL stretches and cracks… AUDITORIUM splashes into life, a beautifully curated meshing of field recordings… crashing and immersing in this hypnotic wave, submerged in subterranean, creaking woozily as sound spheres float to the surface… hurty pulses, is more organic… a deeper rich vibration, for a flickering moment. Glimmered delivers us safely back to the typing pool… in this spliced-up montage of a flickering light book, wooshing moments and a beating heart, growls expanding… immersing the listener right at the centre of this magnificent amphitheatre of sounds. Ultra-vivid and obsessive… brings to life the complexity of being human, navigating the confusing world of emotion and relationships… ever shifting sound structures… hypnotic. Music plucked out of everyday life experiences, contemporary sound design for the ears.”
Sam Chamberlaine – godisinthetvzine

“5 golden tracks…
Daniel Figgis is an artist that constantly thinks outside the box when creating innovative music… rebellious and destined to leave you picking your jaw up off the floor… (this) isn’t for the faint-hearted… the glitch filled soundscape constantly evolving… get lost in Daniel’s music – it’s truly remarkable.”
Chloe Mogg –

“… a man whom I regard as the genius product of Dublin’s many arcane and dream-like histories, from the city’s theatre/literary-only days, through art-rock & punk’s introduction of owner-operator music, and into the ferment of what happened since…”
Cathal Coughlan

Daniel Figgis - The Typing Pool

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