All ears8 June: Voivod/Astronomy Domine from: The Best of Voivod – Coldplay & Rihanna/Princess of China (Invisible Men Remix) – Matching Mole/Waterloo Lily from: March – Yellow Moon Band/Polaris/Window/Lunadelica from: Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World – Cranium Pie/Drying in the Sun from: Mechanisms, Pt. 1 – Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken/Out Of The Woods/Into The Mystic from: The Death Defying Unicorn – Joni Mitchell/All I Want/ My Old Man from: Blue – Phil Collins/You’ll Be In My Heart

All ears3 June: AC/DC/Back In Black from: Back In Black – John Lennon/ Imagine – Bruce Springsteen/Human Touch from: Greatest Hits – Chris Squire/Hold Out Your Hand from: Fish Out of Water – Cosa Brava/ Snake Eating Its Tail from: Ragged Atlas – Dead Label/Spit! (I produced this!) – Deep Burial/Glue Bag Lung from: Gateways 1 (of which more later) – Sigur Rós/Rembihnútur from Valtari – Thinking Plague/Climbing the Mountain from: Decline and Fall – Peter O’Toole/Where Did My Childhood Go?/When I Was Younger from: Goodbye Mr. Chips (Original 1969 Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Rachel Unthank & The Winterset/Cruel Sister from: Cruel Sister

All ears30 May: Vijay Iyer Trio/The Star of a Story from: Accelerando – John Lennon/I Found Out from: Plastic Ono Band –  Stian Westerhus/Empty Hands Mirrored Softly from: Pitch Black Star Spangled – The Blue Nile/Let’s Go Out Tonight from: Hats – Bruce Springsteen/Jack of All Trades from: Wrecking Ball – Kotebel/The Infant from: Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble – Ólafur Arnalds/Near Light from: Living Room Songs

All ears22 May: Alexander Tucker/Custom Made EP – Ash Ra Tempel & Timothy Leary/Seven Up – Barbra Streisand/from: The Essential – Pink Floyd/Raving and Drooling/You’ve Got to Be Crazy (Live At Wembley 74) [2011 Mix] from: Wish You Were Here (Deluxe Experience Version) [Remastered] – The Orb/Pomme Fritz/C Batter C – Roy Harper/Stormcock – Karen Dalton/Katie Cruel from: In My Own Time – Pere Ubu/Final Solution from: Terminal Tower

All ears21 May: John Barry/The Beyondness of Things – Brian Ferneyhough/Music for Flute – Clive Pearman and Richard Sanderson/Bottles – Burning Star Core/Papercuts Theater – Keane/Strangeland – Kate Bush/Aerial/Hounds Of Love (extra tracks)/Snowflake from: 50 Words for Snow – Clive Pearman and Richard Sanderson/Corks – Donato Wharton/Transparencies/Deities Stalk the Land from: Body Isolations – Dusty Springfield/Goin’ Back/The Look of Love from: The Very Best of Dusty Springfield – The Best of Jon and Vangelis

All ears17 May 2012: The Master Switch/Stupid – Cathal Coughlan/White’s Academy from: The Sky’s Awful Blue – Tori Amos/Cactus Practice from: Night of Hunters – Adrian Klumpes/Be Still – Bryan Ferry/I Thought from: Frantic

All ears15 May 2012: Camembert/Schnorgl Attack – Massive Attack/Teardrop from: Mezzanine – PJ Harvey/Good Fortune from: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea – North Atlantic Oscillation/Marrow from: Grappling Hooks – Public Image Ltd./The Room I Am In from: One Drop EP – King Creosote & Jon Hopkins/Starboard Home from: Third swan single – Astra/Cocoon from: The Black Chord

All ears14 May 2012: Stanley Myers/Dreamchild Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Michael Rother/Sterntaler – MMOTHS /MMOTHS EP – Michael Chapman/Time Past & Time Passing – Miles Davis/Kind of Blue – Joni Mitchell/Hejira – Spring Heel Jack/Amassed – Keane/Strangeland (Deluxe Version)

All ears12 May 2012: Portishead/Chase The Tear – Roy Harper/Stormcock – Bibio/Vignetting the Compost – Tomasz Bednarczyk/Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow – The Watch/Vacuum – Triosk/The Headlight Serenade

All ears11 May 2012: Stanley Myers/Homo Faber (Voyager) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Elephant9/Walk the Nile – Big Big Train/The Underfall Yard – Portico Quartet/Isla

All ears10 May 2012: Goodbye Mr. Chips Original 1969 Motion Picture Soundtrack – Adrian Corker/Way of the Morris – AMM/AMMMusic 1966 – A Winged Victory for the Sullen/A Winged Victory For The Sullen – The Future Kings of England/Who Is This Who Is Coming? – Wallenstein/Mother Universe – The Original Beekeepers/Music For Barges

All ears08 May 2012: Storm Corrosion/Storm Corrosion – Spirits of the Dead/Mighty Mountain – Daniel Figgis/dimmerswitch – Alex Charles/”Hourse” – Alexander Tucker/Old Fog – Bob Rutman’s Steel Cello Ensemble/Bob Rutman’s Steel Cello Ensemble.

All ears06 May 2012: Jack O’ The Clock/How Are We Doing and Who Will Tell Us? – Jean Claude Vannier/L’enfant assassin des mouches – Kate Bush/50 Words for Snow – The Lowland Hundred/Under Cambrian Sky.

All ears02 May 2012: Hallock Hill/There He Unforeseen – Gentle Giant/Octopus – The Fireman/Electric Arguments – Dungen/4 – Fripp & Eno/May 28, 1975-Paris-Olympia.