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The Tin God - Daniel Figgis

“Having spent well over a decade concentrating on staging big conceptual performance pieces, Daniel Figgis has mysteriously and suddenly started dropping little trails of previously unheard material, some completely brand new and some apparently liberated without warning from the vaults. His appeal lies in the way he blurs boundaries between the organic and the synthetic, the traditional and the experimental.

Opening track ‘PHOTO-FINISH (with shortcuts)’ harks back to the lushly liquid melodic ooze of his mid-90s Rough Trade classic ‘Skipper’, while ‘please be me’ sounds more like a surreal modern classical fanfare, with added woozy… the title track a sound bed of suspended, tense ambience. We’ve certainly missed his maverick sonics…”

THE TIN GOD Cassette

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Catnapping 1992

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“…loving it… its joyful mood and earworm melody makes it sound like an outtake from (his) masterpiece Skipper. Similar to his recent ‘engine detail’, guitars of all varieties are central to the sound but… viola also makes a crucial appearance. The track has an ancient but timeless quality to it and only leaves me wanting more.

I like the idea of the track being made available on a shellac disc, it gives it an instant patina of age, makes it very collectable and goes against the grain of music being just a digital file. The shellac sound reminds me of a more extreme version of the layers of vinyl crackle found on music by The Caretaker but of course Daniel Figgis has mined this sound before in the mid 1980s.

Do you need a gramophone to play it I don’t know but you can see a video of just this happening. Recommended and more please.”

Abstract Analogue

Daniel Figgis Pristinus

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Back in theatreland with Foreign Bodies

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Daniel has written the score for Polish Theatre Ireland‘s play Foreign Bodies which opens in Project Arts Centre on 24 July.

Inspired by a true story, Foreign Bodies is the story of Adam, a member of the Solidarność (Solidarity) movement, who, after the political crisis of 1989, has a male-to-female sex change operation and becomes Ewa. As Ewa, she immediately has to struggle with the poverty, solitude and social rejection in a new capitalist country.

Performance information and tickets

24 July – 3 August ~ Tickets €14/12

Buy tickets from Project Arts Centre


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